700 6th Street       Lake Park Florida      33403

Jeffery C. Lindskoog     Police Chief

The Lake Park Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency providing service to the community 24 hours a day seven days a week. Operating its own emergency dispatch center, the police department answers emergency and non emergency calls around the clock. A full time staff of 25 sworn officers, 6 dispatchers, 3 support staff and a variety of part time officers, dispatchers and citizen volunteers, allows the department to provide many of the nontraditional services usually found only in larger police agencies.


Located in the midst of urban southeast Florida and dealing with the crime issues that plague this region, (click here for crime statistics) the Lake Park Police Department is proud to boast that over the last 5 years our crime rate has been REDUCED by over 40%.

The Lake Park Police Department store front office (849 Park Ave) in the heart of "Downtown" that houses the community police initiatives and volunteers, is one example of the extraordinary efforts put forth by the department to address the community's ever changing environment.

To find out more about community policing click on the "community safety series" icon.


"In Partnership With Our Community" is a statement embraced by the Lake Park Police Department. Knowing that the police department alone cannot prevent crime from occurring, the Lake Park Police Department has been involved for years with building lasting and cooperative relationships with the residents, as well as the business community, that enhance the Town's quality of life. Focusing on crime prevention, members of the department provide programs such as home and business security inspections, neighborhood watch and citizens on patrol, just to name a few.


The Police Department hosts numerous events throughout the year:

 DUI Roadblocks

Bicycle Rally/Rodeo

Auto Theft Prevention Rallies

Volunteer Fundraising Fishing Tournament

Crime Prevention Booths

Specialized Enforcement Stings


Constantly striving to improve and never hesitating to be at the cutting edge, the Lake Park Police Department is prepared to serve the community with pride and distinction during the next century.

You can E-mail us at [email protected]

You can E-mail the Police Chief at [email protected]