Tuesday, April 23, 2022

535 Park Avenue, Lake Park



Mayor Castro called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the new Commission Chambers. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and Mayor Castro asked the Clerk to call the roll, with all commission members present.


The Mayor asked if there were any additions or deletions to the Agenda and there being none, a motion was made by Vice Mayor Balius, seconded by Commissioner Longtin to approve the Agenda as presented. The motion carried 5 � 0.


Town Manager Nunemaker discussed the three bids received for the work on the marina; Murray Logan, Weekly Asphalt and Murphy Construction.  He explained that an alternate bid proposal was permitted, but only Murphy Construction submitted an alternate bid.  He discussed the requirements and specifications which were covered in the bid packages. After review of the alternate proposal, it was the recommendation to award the bid to Murphy Construction.


Mayor Castro asked if background checks had been performed on Murphy Construction. Mark Bolchoz of ATM spoke regarding the references not being done because Murphy has an excellent reputation in the marine industry throughout Palm Beach County.  He cited examples of their work on the Jupiter Inlet Jetty Pier.  The Mayor inquired as to their adherence to completion schedules, saying he felt it would be good to investigate their prior three or four projects.  Mr. Bolchoz said the bulkhead on Flagler Drive was their last project.  Town Manager Nunemaker said there is a provision for $500 per day liquidated damages over 120 days in the contract. Mr. Bolchoz felt there was a narrowly defined project scope. He said he felt comfortable with the plans and did not anticipate a lot of change orders. 


The Mayor asked that someone from the Commission be at the Pre-Work Conference.


Mr. Bolchoz said that the Notice of Award would be send on Monday, March 4, 2022 to be due by March 19, 2002. The Notice to Proceed would be issued between March 25th and April 1st.  This would put the completion date somewhere around the end of July.


Commissioner Longtin inquired as to the payment schedule, to which Mr. Bolchoz explained it would either be done monthly or by drawdown based on the scope of the work done.  Town Manager Nunemaker said he would like to hire ATM to manage the project.  Vice Mayor Balius asked if after 120 days a punchlist would be created with a remaining 10% still owing the contractor.


Mayor Castro asked how change orders would be handled. Mr. Nunemaker said he could handle them or bring them before the Commission.  He said that Mr. Bolchoz would handle the payment requrests.


Vice Mayor Balius asked what the difference was in the materials for the alternate bid. Mr. Bolchoz said the alternate plan is less labor intensive than the other plan but must still meet the load requirements and general life expectancy. Commissioner Otterson asked if it would be pre-stressed or just precast, Mr. Bolchoz said precast only.  Vice Mayor Balius asked about the removal of waste, which Mr. Bolchoz said would be hauled by the contractor, with the liability resting on them.  James DuBois, Marina Board Chairman, asked if Mr. Bolchoz would have someone on site to approve the pours and perform slump tests. Town Manager Nunemaker said the Town would enter into a contract with ATM to supervise the project.  Vice Mayor Balius said he would like to see that. Commissioner Garretson asked about the environmental issues.  The Mayor said the contractor must meet the DEP permitting requirements. Mr. Bolchoz explained that the environmental aspects were covered in the bid specifications.  The manatees and grass issues have to be addressed.  Commissioner Longtin asked if the Town could afford to pay for this project within the next four months and was assured by Town Manager Nunemaker that it could.


MOTION:   A motion was made by Commissioner Garretson, seconded by Commissioner Otterson to award the marina bid to Murphy Construction.  The motion carried 5 � 0.


Attorney Resch said the contract would come before the Mayor for signature.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by consensus at 7:48 p.m.