Question: Are inoperative vehicles or vehicles with no license plates permitted in the                             Town of Lake Park.

Answer:     No, vehicles must have a valid license plate affixed and be in operative
                 condition, or parked within a enclosed structure.

Question: Can I trim my neighbors tree which is impeding the use of my property?

Answer:  Yes! Adjacent to the property line, trees can be trimmed according to the
                 �Pruning Standards for Shade Trees� published by the National Arborist 
                 Association; the cuttings then must be properly disposed of.

Question: Are commercial vehicles allowed to be parked within a residential district?

Answer:   No, commercial vehicles are not allowed within a residential district.

Question: Is there a Code prohibiting mold and mildew on the exterior surface of a
                 structure or building?

Answer:   Yes! All exterior surfaces shall be protected from the elements, and decay by
                 painting or other protective covering or treatment.

Question: Is outdoor storage of building material, equipment  permitted within a
                 residential district?

Answer:   Only with a valid construction permit.

Question: Are Motor Home or RV travel or camping trailer, boat/trailers combination.
                 open or enclosed cargo trailer permitted within a residential district?

Answer: All such vehicles/trailers shall have affixed a current license plate and all boats.
                 shall have affixed a valid registered decal and parked to the rear of the
                 front building line closest to the street

Gregory S. Durgin
Code Administrator