Were Y2K Compliant!

No Reported failures as of 1/1/2000!

The town of Lake Park began to mitigate it's year 2000 problem early this year and is well within it's completion target date. All town mission critical computers have been tested and those not Y2K ready were identified.

  A detailed study of each system was submitted for review early this year and the city commission moved to alocate funding. Work was begun and is now nearing completion. The following is a list of each department's Y2K status.


              Administration     Completed Y2K ready

            Personnel            Completed Y2K ready

            City Clerk           Completed Y2K ready

            Building              Completed Y2K ready

            Finance               Completed  Y2K ready

            Fire                     Completed Y2K ready

            Police                  Completed Y2K ready

            Marina                Completed Y2K ready

            Library               Completed Y2K ready   (as reported by the department head)

            Public Works     Completed Y2K ready