Lake Park expands and grows

In 1997, as a major first step in the revitalization of this once-proud jewel, the Town's leaders initiated a $9.8 million bond issue to finance several major public improvement projects, including the redevelopment of Park Avenue (the Town's Main street), a complete overhaul of the Town's well-located, but deteriorating marina and historic waterfront Park, the restoration of the National Registered Town Hall and the construction of a new central fire station downtown. Voters overwhelmingly approved the bond referendum by a 2-1 margin.

Restoration of Town Hall

The Town Hall in Lake Park has become a symbol of the Town's heritage. Completed in 1927 and designated to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981, it has long been a heavily used public facility.  In addition to housing the Town staff and providing meeting space for elected officials, the Town Hall is a central meeting place for a wide variety of recreational and cultural groups.  Since it opened, the Mirror Ballroom has hosted live theater performances, concerts, weddings, dances and parties and has been the scene for numerous civic meetings and public hearings. Although heavily used, the Town Hall shows the many years of neglect. In addition, several renovations have covered many of its unique architectural features.

In 1998, the Town identified the Town Hall renovation as a major project to be funded from the bond revenues. Exterior renovations include wall repairs, removal of many utility elements, painting, restoration of the roof to its original barrel tile, replacement of the existing aluminum windows with wooden windows true to the period, and renovation of balconies and outside stairways. Interior work will include the complete replacement of mechanical elements and the redesign and renovation of office space and the Mirror Ballroom. 

The first major restoration project was unveiled at a Town Commission meeting on March 3, 1999. The Commission Chambers were restored to their original glory. The hardwood floors were refinished, the walls painted to recreate the original look, the dias completely rebuilt to reflect the 1920s styles, new ceiling fans and lighting were installed that are consistent with the period.  This first step in the building's renovation has set the stage for the high quality expected by the residents.


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