1. Information displayed and furnished to Dockmaster.

Owners must provide their name, address, and telephone number to the Dockmaster as well as emergency contacts when not in the area. Please keep all information updated so marina staff can make contact in case of an emergency, including hurricane warnings.

2. Tie-ups to be safe and secure.

All vessels moored in boat slips at the Marina must be tied up in a manner acceptable to the Dockmaster.  All vessels will use galvanized chain for fastening lines to the cement pilings and the docks to prevent the line from being cut by the cement.  The Dockmaster may, at his option and after notice to Owner when practicable, correct inadequate tie-ups and assess a service fee against the Owner. Lines, chains, shackles, thimbles, chafing gear and other equipment required for safe and adequate tie-ups will be supplied by or at the expense of the boat owner. Please do not tie lines to fender pilings as they are not designed for stress and may break or pull over and cause property  damage. The boat owner would be liable for these damages.

3. Storage, structures on walkway areas.

Owners will not store supplies, materials, accessories or debris on any walkway, bulkhead or adjacent area and will not place thereon any lockers, chests, cabinets, steps, ramps or similar structures except as may be specifically authorized by the Dockmaster in strict accordance with Marina standards of design and construction as established by the town commission. Attachments or structures affixed as indicated above will become the property of the Marina and may not be later removed by owner except as may be specifically authorized by the Dockmaster.

4. Refuse disposal.

No refuse (trash, sewage, oil, paint, solvents, non biodegradable soaps, fuel etc.) will be discharged overboard within the Marina basin. All garbage, trash and other debris will be placed in containers supplied for that purpose or disposed of as otherwise specified by the Dockmaster. (All litter laws apply at the marina.) The Coast Guard, Marine Patrol and local authorities will be called by marina staff and violators will be prosecuted!

Only used oil, No gasoline, diesel fuel or bilge water will be placed in the oil Igloo.  Hazardous materials, such as batteries and outdated flares must be taken to the Solid Waste Authority for the proper disposal and will not be disposed of on Marina grounds. (According to state and county laws.) Waste oil igloo key is at marina office.

5. Fuel Delivery, Gas/Diesel.

The maximum amount of fuel allowed to be brought onto Marina grounds is five (5) gallons per any given time. Fuel trucks and 55 gallon drums are strictly prohibited. Vehicles 1 ton capacity or over (CAA Rated) are not allowed in the Marina lot with the exception of fire equipment and FPL trucks. To avoid fuel spills, fire hazards and cave ins.

 6. Noisy equipment, nuisances                                                                                                                 Boat Owner will use discretion in operating engines, generators and other noisy equipment and will not engage in any activities that might create a nuisance or annoyance for other Owners or nearby residents of the town.  All sailboat mast lines must be secured to prevent clanking and reduce noise. According to Town of Lake Parks code on nuisance noises.

7. Repairs.

Only minor repairs, generally to the interior of the Vessel and in no way endangering or unduly disturbing nearby vessels, may be made while vessels are moored in slips in the Marina. Please be a good neighbor! Major repairs should be done at a boat yard, if in doubt check with Dockmaster. Absolutely no welding, painting or fiber glassing allowed in Marina because of pollution or fire hazard!

6. Electricity; restricted use of.

Electrical outlets at the Marina may be used only for operating small tools and for charging batteries for a reasonable period for vessels renting slips at the Marina. Absolutely no use of heaters, air conditioners or other high wattage accessories is permitted because the marina does not have separate meters and live-aboards are not allowed by town ordinance. Sorry! One electrical receptacle usage per vessel only!

9. Speed of vessels.

The entire Marina basin and Marina channel to the Intracoastal Waterway is a no wake and Manatee protection zone, and all vessels will be operated accordingly. All vessels  must abide by Federal, State, and County laws and Town codes.

 10.  Swimming, diving, fishing prohibited.                                                                                         Swimming, diving and fishing are forbidden within the Marina. However, persons may fish from the gray Marina bulkhead east of the office into Lake Worth, from sunrise to sunset. Cleaning/fileting fish  may only be done at the fish cleaning station.  Diving for the express purpose of boat maintenance is allowed, but contractor must have liability insurance, workmen�s compensation and be approved by the Dockmaster. Please notify marina personnel and display a diver down flag according to state law for your safety.


11. Children to be accompanied by adult.

Children less than sixteen (16) years of age are not allowed within the Marina area unless accompanied by a responsible adult. This is for safety. security and liability issues.

12. Transfer of Vessels between slips.

No transfer of vessels between slips at the Marina will be allowed excepting upon specific prior arrangements with the Dockmaster.  If a transfer of a slip is wanted, Owner must notify the Marina Office to be placed on a slip request list. �Wish List.

13. Living aboard boats.

Living aboard boats within the Marina basin will not be permitted. Our current town code and state and county laws prohibit living aboard vessels in our marina at the current time because we do not have a sewage pump out station and our low rates do not warrant excessive use of water and electricity. Sorry!

14.  Responsibility for losses or damage, sunken vessels.

The Dockmaster and town will not be held responsible for any losses or damage to boats in the Marina.  Each tenant or boat owner will be held responsible for any damage that his or her boat may cause to other boats in the Marina or for damage to any Marina structure. Any boat that sinks within the Marina will be removed A.S.A.P. by or at the expense of the tenant, Including environmental clean up if necessary .

 It is mandatory that you have liability insurance with Lake Park Marina listed as additionally interested party for your Vessel in a leased slip.

15. Boats, cars and trailers under jurisdiction of Dockmaster.

When a boat, car or trailer enters the Marina area, it immediately comes under the jurisdiction of the Dockmaster, his assistants, and these regulations. It will be berthed,  parked or otherwise maneuvered only as directed. Motor homes and campers are not permitted. Trucks more than one-ton (CAA Rated) are not permitted entry into the Marina.

Camping, sleeping overnight, or living in any type of motor vehicle is not permitted in the Lake Park Marina according to Town Code.

16. Berthing restricted to pleasure craft.

Only pleasure boats will be berthed at the Marina. Houseboats, commercial fishing boats, boats for hire, and other types of commercial craft will not be accommodated without the express prior written approval of the town commission and Dockmaster.

17. Boat equipment and operation.

Boats in the Marina will be equipped with required lights and other safety equipment and will be operated