Lake Park Marina

The Lake Park Marina, a division of Public Works, is located at 105 Lake Shore Drive. The Marina is staffed by a dockmaster and five part-time dock attendants who provide maintenance, security and service from 8 AM to 9:45 PM Monday through Friday and from 5 AM to 1 0 PM on weekends.

The Marina has 209 wet slips ranging in size from 22 to 49 feet with electricity and water. These slips are available on a daily, monthly or semiannual basis and have the most reasonable rates in Palm Beach County. However, the Marina does not allow liveaboards or overnighting. The Lake Park Marina also caters to the trailered boaters with four well-maintained cement boat ramps and parking for 100 rigs.

The Marina sells frozen bait, ice and soda for the convenience of the patrons. Every year in June the Marina sponsors the "Fun-A-Ment" Fishing Tournament, which has proved to be a fun time for fishing and boating patrons and their families and friends.

In 1997, $5 million of the $9.8 million Bond Issue was designated for the Lake Park Marina. The renovation, updating and improvement of the marina has become a major part of the Town's overall redevelopment. Although Lake Park is currently in the permitting phase, construction is to begin in the near future

Marina Redevelopment is currently in the permitting stage

Many communities are envious of Lake Park's strategic location on Lake Worth and the Intracoastal Waterway. Determined not to allow our small coastal community to deteriorate, the Mayor and Town Commission have set out on an ambitious but necessary journey to revitalize and redevelop our Town. One of the major focuses of the redevelopment effort is the Lake Park Marina.

The marina was built in the 1960's and has been enjoyed by boaters, fishermen, divers and sightseers for more than 30 years. It is well situated and is attractive to boaters desiring easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. But, like any other facility, continuous maintenance is needed. Also, since boat styles and materials have changed dramatically in the past 30 years, our consultants have concluded that the marina is not only in serious need of repair, but is also outdated for today's market.

Marine engineers and market study consultants have already offered several plans to the town for the redesign of the entire complex. Since it is absolutely necessary that the breakwater and bulkheads be replaced, and due to the fact that many of the slip sizes are too small and many of the vacant slips are just plain unusable, a full redesign of the marina was necessary.

The new slip mix will provide areas for larger boats for full time tenants and for those boats traveling on the Intracoastal during only the winter months. A number of new and improved amenities such as a fuel dock, public and tenant restrooms and showers, a ship's store, a picnic area and a small eating facility are the minimum required in order to upgrade the marina to address the market and remain competitive with surrounding facilities such as North Palm Beach, Riviera Beach and West Palm Beach (Palm Harbor). To make a relative analogy, why would you refurbish a retail store and rebuild shelves that are too small to accommodate updated inventory? Land acquisition of property surrounding the marina has already taken place this past year.

Such a decision will increase the visibility of the marina from US Highway I and create an entryway to our Town that reflects community pride. The additional land will create some additional parking, but more importantly, it will foster a community and recreational focus that will bring enjoyment for both Lake Park residents and visitors alike. Further, the Town will receive the benefit of dollars that are being spent elsewhere at the present time. An estimate of $4.8 million will be spent over the next three years in redeveloping one of Lake Park's greatest assets to its maximum potential - The Lake Park Marina.