We Need EVERYONE in Lake Park to Participate

You don't have to own a boat to participate.You just have to have some interest in the waterfront and what its redevelopment means to   

the future of your town.

The Town of Lake Park

 in association with


  needs your ideas in designing a


 that you and your family will use and enjoy.

 Please Come to Your Neighborhood Meeting

and tell us

 "What Would Draw you to a Newly Developed Marina Complex?"

You may want your marina to…

be a great place to meet friends,

or have a restaurant or two, 





You may want your marina to have…

       and a beautiful public plaza,

       or a place to people watch




you may want…

an interesting place to walk, to watch the sunrise,

to fish, to shop, to go for a cup of coffee, …an ice cream cone,…a slice of pizza,…....a deli sandwich,


If you can't attend your neighborhood meeting,

please come to another.


Please contact our Webmaster with questions or comments.
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