Fire Rescue

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Under the Command of Chief Michael T. Wells, Lake Park Fire Rescue provides a full range of fire suppression, prevention and Advanced Life Support emergency medical services for the towns of Lake Park and Palm Beach Shores.


All of our full-time personnel hold Florida State Fire Safety Inspector certification, and all of our operations staff hold Florida State Firefighter certification. We have ten Paramedics and two Emergency Medical Technicians on our full-time staff .

Lake Park Fire Rescue responds to approximately 200+ fire alarms and 1138+ emergency medical calls a year. In addition, the department conducts annual fire safety inspections of all business occupancies in Lake Park. These inspections are conducted according to national fire safety standards, which have been adopted by the Lake Park Commission and are part of the Town of Lake Park Code of Ordinances. An annual fee for this service is included as part of the town's occupational licensing system. Our Fire Medics also offer free blood pressure checks at Station 1, but please call first to make sure they are not out on a call.

A New Fire Station For Lake Park

The town has recently built for Lake Park's a new 9,000 square foot central fire station on the corner of Park Avenue and Tenth Street.

Now completed, the central fire station houses all fire rescue personnel and equipment. Additionally, the structure, which will be the sturdiest in town, is designed to withstand category four hurricane winds, and will function as the town's emergency operating center during hurricanes and other disasters.

The building, which is was designed in the Mediterranean Revival style, is exemplary of the look the town is promoting for Lake Park's downtown.

"it is not only the corner stone of Park Avenue, but also of Lake Park's entire downtown redevelopment," Town Manager Terry Leary said.

The area in the back of town hall where the fire fighters were housed will be converted into a recreation and meeting area now that the central fire station is built. The fire station, which is designed with the ability to have second floor in the future, is expected to be the conner stone of downtown development.


If you would like the Fire Department to check your home for fire safety hazards, please call fire administration at 881-3380 during business hours to make an appointment. We will be happy to show you how to make your residence fire safe.



The fire department offers fire safety education presentations to Lake Park schools, youth groups, condominium associations and other civic organizations free of charge. We also offer presentations, station tours and CPR classes to smaller local groups. If your school or organization is interested, please call administration at 881-3380 to make an appointment